How Much Does the Price of Oil Effect Your Life

I still remember the days when crude oil prices were at $25 a barrel – not decades ago but as recently as June 2004… Crude oil, by the way, is what the oil companies extract from the ground and refine into various fuels such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil, etc. And here in the US, we typically use a type of crude that we call West Texas Intermediate or WTI – so the prices I talk about today are for WTI Crude, which broadly trade in sync with Brent Crude – the other major crude oil category that is popular in Europe and with the OPEC, short for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

So… from a low of $25 in 2004 (btw, all prices are per barrel), prices rose, more or less steadily, to $76 by August 2006 – they tripled in two years, which is pretty phenomenal. This sharp increase in oil prices was due to ravenous energy demand from emerging economies such as China, Brazil, India, Eastern Europe and so on.

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Then, a combination of fundamental factors like declining oil production in non-OPEC countries like Britain, Mexico and Norway, saber-rattling statements from people like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela – a prominent oil-exporting nation, unrest tied to the Arab Spring in the middle-east, and market frenzy driven by commodities traders took prices all the way up to to $144 by July 2008 – almost double their August 2006 levels.


Home Insurance and Unfortunate Events

Description North Carolina Museum of History - Raleigh, NC - DSC05859 ...The plans for home insurance in NC have finally reached a reasonable price, and everyone is taking advantage of it. First my neighbors dropped their insurance plans for a new one, then my friends, and then even my own parents. Since everyone else was doing it, I figured I might as well take a chance and look for a better insurance plan. The plan I had wasn’t so bad, but it left a lot to be desired. There were lapses in my plan that would result in me having to pay extra money if something bad happened to my home.

Shortly after I got a new insurance plan, something bad happened in my neighborhood. A home a few houses down from mine was broken into by a burglar. read more »

Device for Improving Selfie Taking

I am always taking selfies in random places and posting them to social media, so that my friends can see them. I have a problem that it is kind of hard to take a selfie soemtimes, and it would be easier, if you could get a device to hold the phone for your at a greater length from your body. So I have the idea of trying to buy a selfie stick iPhone device to aid me with the process of taking selfies.

This would be particularly ideal in certain settings, and less useful in others, but I think it is the type of thing that I would put in my backpack, and then carry it around with me, wherever I go. I am going to try to figure out a good place to purchase such a thing from. I know that they have to exist, because I Have never came up with an idea in my life for a devcie that did not already exist on the market. read more »

Finding a Cheap Roof Repair Service

The roof of my house is leaking, and I hope that this is a new occurrence, and not something that has been happening for awhile. I know it hasn’t been leaking into the interior of the house for very long, but that does not mean that some sort of leak was not already there. I can’t imagine what would have caused the leak, because the roof is not that old, I guess I need to find roof repair in Brooklyn NY C for my house and I am going to pray that this is not as expensive as I think it might be.

Hopefully, the roof can just be patched in the area where it is leaking, and that is all that will need to be done. If I have to get a new roof, I am not sure how I would be able to afford it. read more »

Got a New Place on the River

I mean the Cape Fear River, which is what they have here in Wilmington. I am working here for the Port of Wilmington and I have a pretty good job with their computer systems office. I am still learning about it and this is a complicated system. They have a whole lot of things coming and going, all of which is supposed to be some place else in the very near future. You are talking about large containers full of stuff that is worth money. Today I have to work on getting Wilmington NC home owners insurance and I actually had to ask the guy if they charged extra for alligators. read more »

I Feel Safer with ADT Now

When I bought my new house, I liked everything about it other than the fact that it did not have a security system. I knew that I would not feel safe staying even one night there until one was installed, so it was the first thing I took care of as soon as I signed the papers to make it mine. I had looked online at different companies, and I liked what was able to offer me over all the other companies selling security systems.

The main thing I liked about it was the company that they promote, which is ADT Security. I have had them for years, so I knew that they are experienced and a great company to have on standby. I have never had any break-in attempts, but they have checked on me when my alarm went off because of a faulty battery before. Knowing that they will check on even the smallest of things makes them a great company in my eyes. read more »

We Needed to Clean Up the Trail

Even though our town is very small, all of the residents take pride in it. We have a really nice park in the center of town, and people of all ages love to go there. The kids enjoy the playground equipment, and the older folks enjoy the park benches and the walking trails. It was because of these trails that we needed to hire a tree service in asheville nc. It was the closest city to us, even though it was still 30 minutes away, and I was thankful they were able to come out to help us with a problem. read more »

Beautiful Cemetery Monuments in New Jersey

I am getting older, but I expect to live a lot longer. I do not know for certain that I will live a lot longer though, and as such, I want to make sure that some of my final arrangements are already in place, well in advance of my actual death. I am in good health right now, but I do not want to take that for granted. Anyway, I am going to need to look into companies that do cemetery monuments in nj as I would like to go ahead and buy a headstone for my cemetery plot.

I have some different ideas for a headstone that I would like, but I need to talk to a company that actually produces them, so that I can learn more about the pricing. I do not want to spend too much money on this, because there are so many potential expenses, when it comes to the end of your life. read more »

Trees Fell Down on the Power Lines

We had a really bad storm pass through our town the other night and it was really sad that a lot of power lines came down because of the trees on the property next door to me. I was hoping that we were going to be able to get tree service in westchester ny that was going to be able to come to our house the next day. If we did not get someone to get the trees down then we were going to be without the power for a while. I could not get over the fact that there were so many people that were hiring the tree services in our area. We were going to have to find someone from another state if it was going to be this difficult. read more »

Working on My Ideas for an App

Of course I have been thinking about this for some time, but I am just now starting to get the ability to write an app. I have been taking computer science classes in a local community college and trying to learn how to take code apart and figure out how it works. I started out messing around with something pretty simple. I found this Trivia Crack cheats and I figured out how it works. Of course I was interested in the game and I was wondering how common it is for people to cheat at it. Mostly I wanted to figure out how to write an app like Trivia Crack. In theory you can think about how that is going to be make good money on writing apps, but without having to work a 8 to 5 day job. That is something I am really interested in, because I have a hard time taking crap from other people.

I used to work at a fast food place when I was in high school. Of course every teenager does that it seems. You do not have a lot of other options open to you if you want to make money for a car or for taking girls out. I had to take a bunch of stuff from this guy though. The assistant manager of the place was always yelling at everyone and I was not the sort of guy who does not want to yell back at a guy. In fact I would have liked to have knocked him on his butt, but you can not do what you want to do when you have a job like that. I do not ever want to be anyone’s boss and I do not want anyone else to be my boss. It is not something you can easily do.

We Hired Them for Renovations

We were looking to do over our bathrooms and heard that there were a lot of people that were looking for interior remodeling in bergen county nj and I wanted to find out who people were hiring to do all of their work. There are a lot of people that wanted to speak with us about the different things that we had planned for our house but we did not know what we were going to do yet. I hired a contractor to come over and look at our house to tell us where we could get the most for our money and if we wanted to sell it, where the most equity would come in from. I was hoping that we would be able to get the better deals if my contractors were going to help us, I think that if I was going to spend some money on my house, my contractor would want to help me.

I was thinking of taking some of the money and paying an interior designer to help me design all of my new rooms but I thought that we could use the money to redo the rooms instead. I was hoping that the designer was going to be able to tell me what rooms would give me the best return for my money. The money that I had saved was really important to me and I wanted to make sure that I used it the best way that would yield me the most return for my money. A lot of people were telling me that they were going to actually take the time to help me find the person that was going to help me. People said that they wanted to take the time to make sure I was getting my moneys worth.

Thinking About Moving to Texas

Distribution In Texas - 2012I got a chance to go to Ft Worth TX if I want to, although there are reasons why I should and reasons why I would not want to do it. I am looking at the cost of living down there for starters. It is a big deal, because the price of living where I am now is quite low. I was thinking about all of the factors, like the price of gas down there and the cost of electricity rates. If you go to then you can find out pretty nearly what it costs for you to get power down there, but it is a bit more complicated than you would think. Around here you get the power company. They tell you what you are going to get and that is how it is going to be. Down there they must have three or four dozen different electric providers. Not all of them are available in any one place, but usually there are two or three options, especially in the big population centers.

The Dallas Fort Worth Area is going to be where I would have to adapt to and I am not really sure that I want to live in that big of a city. I live in the Triad region of North Carolina. I am North of PTI (Piedmont Triad International) and it takes me about fifteen or twenty minutes to drive in to the office every morning.I enjoy it here a lot, my family lives within an hour of here and my wife’s family are basically down the street from where we live. She would have to get a lot of consideration, especially since she has her own life here and she makes good money on her own. So this probably does not make a lot of sense.


The Value of Getting an Old Commercial Roof Replaced

We bought this building a few years ago. It seemed to be in great shape. The inspection only revealed a roof that would need replacing in a few years. However, that is no small deal for a big building with a flat roof. When we had to patch it for the tenth time, we decided to look for a business that does commercial roof repair in Bergen County NJ. It is a flat rubber roof and had deteriorated to the point that patching it no longer made economical sense. The technology for these types of roofs has come a long way since this one was put in.

Our new roof is white. It really helps with the temperature inside during the summer months. I was surprised at the difference. read more »

Found a Place Just Outside of Town

I have found a little place in the mountains outside of Albuquerque, NM. I am trying to figure out if I can afford to buy a horse, because it is a perfect place to have a horse. In fact I almost do not need to keep it penned up here. I have just now got my Internet hooked up, but I have not figured out if I am going to get cable or satellite. I have been looking for the best deal, like this one and trying to figure out if it is any good or not. The big thing is whether or not you are signing up for a long term deal or not. read more »

The Changing of the Heater

The old heater in my home bit the dust, so I had to look for heating repair in Hackensack, NJ. The heater had been in the my home since I bought it, probably even when the home was first built. I kept using it because it was still working, so I saw no need to replace it. Over the years, it would start to give me trouble, but it still produced heat. Then, this year, the heater finally stopped working. It has been pretty cold for the past couple of weeks, and not having a functioning heater is an unpleasant experience in cold weather.

While looking for someone to repair my heater, I wore multiple layers of clothing to keep myself warm and gloves over my fingers so my hands would stay warm while I was using my computer. A bit of searching helped me find a heater repair service in the area. I contacted them and requested that they take a look at my heather before doing any repairs. A repair person came over the next day and gave the heather a look. From his examination, he determined that the heater could be fixed. He also told me that my heater was one of the oldest heaters he had ever seen, and that they don’t make heaters like that anymore.

I thought about what the repair man said, and decided not to have my heater repaired. Given the age of my heater, I would keep having problems with it, and since the heater is one of the last of its kind, finding replacement parts for it might not be as easy to do. I decided to have the repair man remove the old heater and install a more modern one in its place. The old heater can find a nice home in the junk yard.

Broken Pipe in Our Mobile Home

We live a quiet life in our mobile home in Hackensack New Jersey. Our mobile home keeps the high cost of living down, but it does come with some downsides. One big downside was revealed to us, when our main waterline to the kitchen broke, And we had to call a plumber in Bergen County NJ.

Well, they say when it rains it pours. And it certainly was pouring in our small little mobile home. The living room, kitchen, and into the bedroom were all filling up with water. Luckily, I know where the main shutoff switch was to our mobile home, so I was able to shut off the water by crawling under the skirting with my trusty pair of pliers.

The repair company arrived within 20 minutes, and the leak was fixed within 40 minutes. It turned out it was a pinhole leak, which caused the weakened line to finally burst. read more »

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